Thursday, June 01, 2006

Secret Parcel

Woo Hoo I got my first SP8 parcel today :-)
It arrived while my camera battery was charging so I had a bit of a sneaky look and then took this... the smell was lovely and helped my morning study session ;-)
Look at the colour of the parcel bag, shiny gold, how come I cant find things like that :-(

And inside was a wonderful tiny jumper, I'm going to have to find something suitable to wear it ! A bag of lavender, a very stroked ball of green Alpaca and two balls of Jamesions double knitting - I think I can feel a pair of Mrs Beetons coming on - and yes I do know it is nearly summer but you can never tell when it is going to be cold !

Thank you very much Secret Pal, they are great :-)

And finally it has taken me ages to get blogger to upload these (and it just uploaded two copies of all the photos... )

Walking round the pig pens we noticed that the pigs had a certain shine to them, just like they were being made oven ready.... What could have caused this, yes 'Pig Oil' I wouldn't like to think what it has in it but it does exist and available in large cans by the look of it !
And it looks like they need a new brush to apply it....

Some times sheep dogs round up sheep and other times they play with ducks !
These were at the Smallholders Show in Builth Wells a few weeks ago....

And now I'm off to cast on a waistcoat, been told they want to take it to USA on Friday next week, so no pressure ;-) Remembered to take photos of latest knits so will post when I'm allowed.... Think there is a new yarn being launched next week, problem is I was so pleased to finish articles I didn't photos them - will try and remember in future....


Blogger Woolly Wormhead said...

Lovely SP goodies! That miniature jumper is cool :) Pig Oil??

11:23 pm  

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