Monday, November 12, 2007

Why I could never be part of the paparazzi

I walked the streets of London on Sunday morning - they were not paved with gold but drizzle and I took rather a lot of photos - I never realised that Bush House (home of the BBC) was so large, I kept on finding different wings...

But I did manage to find somewhere good to stand to watch the parade of veterans.

I was near Bird Cage Walk and had the opportunity to take picture of the Royals as they went past...

The Duke of Kent was in this car...

And looking at detail - that is Princess Anne's nose !! She did wave and smile at me on her way back ....

I've no idea who was in this one... probably Prince Charles - I'm most proud of this - I couldn't have got it better for missing someone if I tried !!

And the Queen - by this time I realised that my timing was not good, the lady next to me was better. And the police man who had been standing in the road since 9am was told to watch out for me as I was taking number plates - Queen's car doesn't have one by the way !!

And once the Royals were all in Whitehall the road was blocked to stop undesirables from driving in...
These two were amazing with how they moved their forklifts at speed without hitting anything..

And then the Queen went home...

Decided not to try and take any more moving car photos...

Some Scottish soldiers - dont know what regiment they were, but I felt very sorry for the ones in kilts - the wind was blowing very cold !!

And I dont think I have to tell you who these are - they got some of the loudest clapping !!

It was an amazing morning, and I'm already thinking that I might go to next year's, which considering how much I get scared in the 'big city' says how much I enjoyed it !

And the Stitch n Bitch day was good - It was busy, I talked a lot (more than usual !!) and by the end of the day I nearly had no voice left. My haul from the day was - two patterns, one magazine, one book and one ball of hemp - see how good I can be when I try !!

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Blogger Kath said...

It was lovely to finally meet up with you today at Colinette - am I mistaken or were you a very good girl again with your yarn purchases?!
I love the 'nearly' photos - it isn't easy to catch moving images - see if your camera has a 'sport' mode, that sometimes helps!

7:00 pm  
Blogger Artis-Anne said...

LOL love the photos ; I think we both took the same photography lessons !!
It was so good to meet up with you FINALLY after all our failed previous attempts & hope I see you again soon.
Have fun at Harrogate , you lucky thing :)

10:03 am  

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