Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday Wye

Whoops I forgot to post this last night :-(

I managed to get myself in the picture this week...

There was someone fishing in the distance, I hope he was well wrapped up, it was bitter (even worse today)

I'm off to a show in Cheltenham tomorrow and Saturday. I hope it is going to be busier than I think it might be, mainly a card making show with not many peope venturing upstairs to see the guild stands. If it is quiet it will give me a chance to do some samples for the modular knitting workshop at Skipnorth...

In answer to a comment question - the edging on the shawl was done by crocheting three stitches together, then a chain of 8 and repeating. It took over an hour to deal with the nearly 500 stitches.

My down stream sheep had moved yesterday, but I have found out who is their owner - now 'just' need to work out where he lives and be cheeky enough to ask for a fleece...



Blogger Anne-Marie said...

I like the picture, especially where you can see your shadow. It's very artistic, although probably not intentional.

You could always just accost a free range Forest sheep with an electric razor... I know I have been tempted when they are laying at the side of the road watching traffic :)

6:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the edging info - it looks so good!
Sounds like you are busy busy busy! So what was this uniform - Guardsman? Airline Pilot? Lift attendant?? An old aunt used to rate so highly a man in uniform that she was much more impressed by No. 3 Nephew becoming a Hertz rent-a-car salesman than she was by the Headmaster's choice of profession!

6:38 pm  

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