Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wednesday Wye

There is a ruined castle at Ross on Wye - honest it is behind the trees !!

And this is the nearest I've been to it... It looked interesting, perhaps I should try and visit it soon (I'm not even sure if it is open...)

The river is fairly low at the moment - in 1881 it was higher, I assume that is why the date is at the top of the gauge...

And when the river is in flood a lot of stuff gets moved about - I could see a tennis ball, several car tyres, a hub cap...

The height of the rubbish (mostly natural matter..) was huge...

The purple socks were finished last night. After Daffy I'm now having problems with plain knitting - perhaps I need to go and practice !!



Blogger Anne-Marie said...

Where is the castle? I keep meaning to explore Ross because apart from the town centre and Morrisons we never go there. Its just so busy with tourists on weekends!

I went to Goodrich Castle at the end of last summer but we got there late so we just had a cafe snack and went into the giftshop.

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