Thursday, June 05, 2008

If the Hat Fits ...

Then come to a Knitting and Crochet Guild stand at a show soon !!

For something a bit different all these Woolly Wormhead Hats are available for trying on to help raise funds for the Guild.

Some are from her book Going Straight...

And others are a bit more individual ;-)

They will be at the Contemporary Craft Fair at Bovey Tracey in Devon on Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week.

I will be with them on Saturday & Sunday

And if you want a good giggle I'll try this one on for you !!

Come and find the KCG stand (there will be a large yellow daffodil )

Their main outing will be at Woolfest :-)

Hopefully the lovely Ruth will be there as well with her boys (if I write it here it might make it happen...)

I'm really sorry about how badly I put this one on it's head to take the photo - So how do you display 9 hats easily, well you get some flower pots and cover them with recycled blanket..

And we have some very silly hats...

And a typical Ruthie creation (this one looks very silly on me - if you have seen me wearing a hat that wont surprise you !!)

And finally a beret made of Wormhead handspun...

And I have been doing lots of things in the last two weeks - the next post will be edited highlights (but you will have to wait until I have walked the streets of Hereford waiting for my car to be MOT's tomorrow...)

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Blogger Rosie said...

good luck with the MOT...I'm looking forward to trying on the hats (how much will I have to donate?)

8:44 pm  
Blogger Woolly Wormhead said...

Those display heads look great! Good luck with it this weekend...

... and I think we might have to let you down with Woolfest :( I will explain all soon, but it's mainly time constraints, making sure we're ready to leave the country....!

10:08 am  
Blogger yarnartisanne said...

I don't like to think of you walking the streets of Hereford when you could have been tucked up in the small gallery counting your stitches. Ho hum, did you come across any interesting makers in Bovey 'cost I could not get there. Hope to see you again soon.

11:33 pm  

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