Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wednesday Wye

The river (and sheep in the very background)

I dont know what the 4x4's were doing in the distance..... didn't like to get any closer to ask !

And I thought some might like to see the colour of the fields round here - and there are a lot of them, and the smell :-( I think I would rather have chicken muck - at least that doesn't make me sneeze !!

And the stupid thing I did this week ..
I borrowed Gone with the Wind, I was told it was on two dvd's but there was only one in the box - I put it in the machine and settled down with my lace knitting. To be fair I wasn't really watching more listening - I was a bit confused with the story, they were mentioning things that I couldn't remember seeing/hearing.. Then I got to the bits with the quotes I'd heard - good thought me I'll get to know what happens after he walks out...
Now I had been watching for two hours, I pressed the menu button and saw 'side b'
So I did what anyone who has never sat through the whole four hours - I turned the dvd over and watched the first half !!! It did make a bit of sense but I really wanted to know what happened after he walked away ....

Lace knitting is growing slowly, I'm hoping that I can have a clicking day tomorrow and get nearer the end....



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Sue
i often read your blog and enjoy the pictures so much (as well as the rest of it!)

Cheers, Judith, canberra Australia

9:05 am  

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