Monday, June 22, 2009

Deep in the Forest

My camera took a holiday for a few days in the Forest....

And these are a few things it saw whilst there...

There were strange moss covered trees

A very pretty butterfly - a friend of the one spotted by a moggie recently ?

And the light was bright (when it wasn't raining !!)

I also helped rip out a bathroom - well when I say a bathroom - it was more wall and ceiling removal... the bath stayed where it was but it is now on the landing (nice!)
The paper we found was interesting

And some of the paper was very old...
Did you know that you can get twenty bags of rubble in the back of a belingo car/van?
It will be great when the first house is clean, tidy and ready to sell - at the moment we dont get much time to sit knit & paint...

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Blogger ambermoggie said...

Your camera picks some interesting places to visit:) Your butterfly does look related to mine:)

3:32 pm  

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