Tuesday, March 24, 2009


As the photos are in reverse order (and I cant be bothered to move them all around..)
This is what I came home with:

From Winghams - I really wasn't going to get another batt... but this one called to me - it is red & brown, then there are mini carders, and a bag of silk loveliness.

My best bargains - from KCG, these were £1 each..
The large dk natural weighs 2.6kg,
the green light aran 1.1 kg,
the natural skinny lace (front right) 1.4kg,
the bright green lace also 1.1kg, and
the grey like fiddlesticks at the front 450g.

The large cones are pure wool and I think there is some silk in the natural lace...

And I'm going to try my best to use them and not give them away next year !!

And from Coldspring - two lots of pure undyed dk at less than 1p per gram, and some freedom spirit.

The camping shop had a small handbag for walking and a water bottle with a holder that goes round the waist.

From the Skep two hanks of very skinny silk - 100g for £5.

And these were the results of swaps and things that I was given...

The bag has three different coloured batts, there is lama there and some balls from the Spinning Fishwife.
And a Fat Feet in my colours :-)

And now where we stayed before Haworth - Mankinholes.

This is the view when we came back from our walk...

And some sheep - and the Stoodley Pike monument, which is where we walked to (and back down...)

We used a path up the steep front bit !!

A close up of the sheep - they were put there in 2000 and looked rather splendid :-)

Another shot of the way we went showing just how high up it was...

And someone managed to climb up it - I had height issues so stayed on the ground....

There were real sheep at the top :-)

And a close up ish view... just to prove that we got there !!!

And these were very young - probably not even a day old - they were very wobbly on their legs...

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Blogger Rosie said...

Looks to me as if you brought home less than you took with you (quite the opposite to most of us!)

Eek! Word verification has asked me to type in "pants": how weird is that? It'll be "knickers" next. (Have captured photographic evidence to email to you at some point..)

4:29 pm  
Blogger Heather said...

It looks like you had a great time! What a lovely collection of goodies!

11:04 pm  

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