Thursday, October 22, 2009

Autumn Colours

I seem to spend a lot of time driving to and from the forest (as well as decorating while I'm there - bathroom nearly has walls, the shower works, the basin still isn't connected...)

This was taken on the home a few days ago, near where I saw the back end of a wild boar and some deer ....

This is a tree near Canop Ponds

I never realised that trees do hug themselves !!!

And this is my favourite tree, very twisted and old, and the leaves are just turning....

It is by the side of the road, covered in moss.

Looks like several creature should be living in it - or perhaps they are :-)

Yesterday morning we took the elderly dog for a walk - I didn't realise how short his legs are and that he doesn't like to go far...

So we had lots of time to admire the view on the way back - the sky was very dramatic

The polytunnels not so pretty...

This one looks like large worms are coming over the hill....
And that is it for today - next time there might be knitting or tales of sea travel ...
I have managed to upload all my holiday photos they all can be found off here hopefully in the correct folders....

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Blogger Gill said...

Good to see you blogging again....we worry you know !!

3:17 pm  
Blogger Gabrielle said...

I agree with Gill, it's lovely to read your posts. I've missed them, particularly the landscape shots of home. They really make me realise how far away I am.

The landscape here is a bit... - well, Canadian?!


5:06 pm  
Blogger Nic said...

Are you living in the Forest of Dean now? Very jealous!!

10:24 pm  
Anonymous Georgina said...

Love the hugging tree! I kinda miss my slow walks with elderly dog, but I think the fast pace of Biddy's romping is doing my heart good!
Good for the heart too to have a post from you!

4:33 pm  
Anonymous Hat said...

I'd love to know the name of the baby jacket pattern.

Glad you're better and blogging again.

5:54 pm  

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