Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Free recycle

Now I'm off to Liverpool (again) on Thursday. This time to help a friend move house, I saw this on Free recycle and had to try and get it :

We have 2 large rolls of big-bubble bubble wrap - 1 metre by about 5m each.
It's been used once, so has some parcel tape stuck to it, but otherwise in
good nick...we've only popped a couple of the bubbles :-)

And look what I picked up....

Now I'm wondering how I manage to get anything else in the car.
I need to take my sewing machine with me, a some clothes and some tadpoles for my brother (best not to ask on why...) I was hoping to fit some flattened cardboard boxes in there as well.

Was going to be really good and not call at Colinette on the way, but they have just phoned and said they have some more knitting for me... so that has got to fit as well... think I need a bigger car....


Blogger Sue said...

I would be sooooo tempted to just roll on all that bubble wrap to pop all the bubbles!

7:25 pm  

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