Monday, April 10, 2006

Shawl for very narrow baby...

I am beginning to wonder why I started this... apart from a friend asked me and I thought it would use up a lot of stash wool. Thought it would be interesting to use a pattern that is older than me, but should have realised that using thicker wool it would be bigger, roughly 50 inches wide ! Pattern is 6 row repeats and I'm hoping that they wont realise that I missed a row towards the start, do there is one squashed 'square'. Currently on 14 repeats and think it needs to be 50 before border of moss stitch. Mum to be was in hospital last week when baby was turning, think it is going to be a big 'n, due end of May. I have been sorting out big girls playroom this morning so will try and do some later......

If 'M' could email me with her address the pink wool is hers..... otherwise I was thinking of knitting something for Fred from it ;-)


Blogger Seahorse said...

Looks good to me! Love your stash pics below too!

11:02 am  

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