Tuesday, June 13, 2006

30 things

In honour of Kerrie's 30th birthday she is holding a competition to win GBP30 of HipKnits yarns. Details can be seen here.

So here goes here is my 30 things.....

1. I am an orphan.
2. I threw my husband out the weekend Princess Diana died.
3. I have lived alone since then.
4. I will only talk about my marriage in detail when drunk.
5. I grew up in Liverpool.
6. My doctor was in Penny Lane, he was called Dr Endbinder and Jewish (honestly !)
7. My first job was knitting for a wool shop, I was 16.
8. I went to private school and hated every moment.
9. I always wanted to be a nurse.
10. I ended up working in IT support.
11. I won two handicraft cups at different ploughing matches last year.
12. I have two ginger tom cats.
13. Every year I say I will not watch Big Brother, every year I end up watching it.
14. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.
15. My mother made my school clothes.
16. I have more four ply wool then I will ever use.
17. I like to collect old books.
18. I don’t like mowing the grass.
19. I love pruning trees and shrubs.
20. I have more power tools then most of my male friends.
21. I like living in the countryside.
22. I passed my driving test first time, six months after my seventeenth birthday.
23. I started school on my fifth birthday.
24. And on the birthday theme, I will be forty this year, but think I’m still in my twenties…
25. I can’t swim.
26. I have recently started an Open University degree in Health Studies.
27. My paternal grandmother’s father came from a village less than forty miles from where I live, I didn’t know this when I moved here.
28. My friends are more important to me than my family.
29. I like to grow unusual varieties of vegetables.
30. I will eventually knit a wedding ring shawl, even if I end up in a padded room on serious medication …


Blogger susoolu said...

Fascinating! Don't you think, sometimes, that little snippets of info about people are more fun and interesting, because then you get to fill in all the gaps, and come up with stories about how they went from a to g to y. (Not, fo course, that we fill in the gaps correctly, but fun to do.) Ploughing matches, and nursing, and a WRS that will be done some time!

And how did the exam go?

10:19 pm  
Anonymous John Cowell said...

I wonder if you could supply a little more information about Dr Endbinder - why did you say honestly after saying he was Jewish? Surely many Liverpool doctors were Jewish until very recently? I'm a family historian working on the Preston Jewish community, which included a Maurice Endbinder who was an outfitter. I wonder if they might have been related. When, roughly, was your Dr Endbinder in Penny Lane?
I love the colour of this site, and wonder if it was supplied, or did you choose it? The softly coloured spots make an excellent decoration, with a very calming effect. My e-mail is jcowellnix@yahoo.com - I have friends at Fownhope. I picture you nearby!
Best wishes,
John Cowell

5:11 pm  

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