Thursday, June 08, 2006

Busy doing nothing

I wish !!!

And for the second time today I try and post to Blogger, I'm hoping he doesn't eat it and spit it out this time....

I know there has not been much knitting mentioned but I have been knitting furiously. So far my Colinette count is :-
One oversized beaded beret (takes a *very* bad photo)
One extra long scarf and three matching wristwarmers (was trying to get the size right, honest...)
one 42" cardi.

Two silly hats,
One sillier frilly bag
One wrap over/round waistcoat.

The first lot is done in yarn soon to be launched, should be next week I'm told - then I can post some photos, yipee ! I was sent the pattern book yesterday and there are some good things in it as well as the usual tie at front cardi that increase stomachs. My next door neighbour wants the same cardi as me in the same colourway - will have to see what jumps at me next week when I go factory shopping. Good thing about said cardi is that it is easy to knit and only takes 4 balls with lots over, so there could be another feather & fan scarf monster under construction (knowing the hell I went through with the last one I really don't think so....)

The rest of my time (when not out partying) has been spent either reading books, making notes or writing essays in readiness for exam Monday. Think I know what I'm doing but the last time I did a three hour one was nearly twenty years ago and it was mainly numbers with greek symbols... Worked out that I should probably write three sides of A4 per answer, so that's twelve sheets.... beginning to panic just at the thought ;-)

Monday night and it will all be over (apart from the two short courses I foolishly started, I can either finish them by the end of July or I can defer to October)

Maybe some day soon I can relax and knit without any pressure ....


Blogger jutupaun said...

it is summer time and knitting is not so important. So you are excused :P I prefer to sit/walk outside and enjoy beautiful weather. And you should sit in your garden. You have the change to do that. Oh I wish I had my garden ready already :)


7:52 am  
Blogger Frankie said...

All the best for Monday.
Can't wait to see the Colinette pics!

8:05 pm  

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