Monday, June 26, 2006

The Cat Sat.....

Because he can and does.
This is one of my boys sheltering from the rain.
When he sits here he can see the fish in the pond and the birds drinking from the pond.

This is the first lot of decent rain we have had for weeks. My runner beans will be very happy, they are in flower, and I saw some large (flat) pea pods last week. Yellow cougettes are growing well and the cucumbers are taking over the greenhouse !

I was going to show the progress on my Pomatomus socks, but the pictures were all fuzzy.. I'll try again tomorrow.... I was knitting them at the hairdressers last week, the girls were amused, they thought I was knitting for a baby, coz I couldn't possibly be knitting socks for an adult !!

Well, I've finished the sleeves of my cardi. Going to finish the front of a jumper before I tackle the rest, hoping to try and get it done for KCG AGM on first weekend in July.

And by the end of tonight my French Market bag should be smaller, cant believe how big it is, I know I used thicker wool, but.... currently got one and half handles to knit.

I've been in one of those 'cant be arsed' moods this week, I'm sure more has happened but I just cant remember...


Blogger Fred said...

Am so jealous as weather here has been lousy for a couple of weeks!

9:55 pm  

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