Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I'm exhausted, too many decisions in one day.

My MOT is due in a few weeks on my car, and as he is getting old I decided I needed a change - and a bigger boot so I can fit this in the back easily !
I don't usually like car salesmen and they put me off by quoting too many facts and figures at me - all I want is a car that will get me from one place to another with enough space for supplies, be they woolly or compost related. But I found someone who I could talk to, and I think I got a good deal, it being end of the month.
So soon I will be the proud owner of these And as my usual way it is not a new car, but just over a year old with 15,000 on the clock.

I should get him either on Thursday or at the weekend. So before then I've got to be really careful and not drive through the lanes like a woman possessed !
But it does mean that I can take him on his first adventure to Chester via the special bad place in Wales and have more space for any purchases people want on the way :-)

French market bag has had two trips in the washer, first one at 40C second at 60C, he is resting in the conservatory and will be photoed later. He is still looking large, but at least a more manageable size...


Blogger Frankie said...

That's very exciting. A decent boot is essential in my view. Mine's pathetic - you can hardly fit a couple of bags of groceries in it.
Looking forward to the French market bag pics...

5:46 pm  
Blogger Sue said...

Nice car! I like the look of your french market bag too. The felting has changed the look of the pooling hasn't it? I don't hate pooling like some do but I particularly like the way it looks on your bag.

6:35 pm  

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