Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Extra SP questions

I'm a bit confused (nothing new there!) I've seen two set of these questions so I've added them together and here they are....

1) What is your favorite season of the year?
Autumn, temperatures cooler, colours inspiring, and can wear woollys

2) Where is your favorite vacation spot?
North West Highlands, Scotland. A favourite place of my Grandfather's

3) If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be?
Cuba, my Grandmother lived there for several years in the 1920's.

4) If you could pick any job, and be paid well, what would it be?
Something helping others, and making them find their creative side.

5) If you were going on vacation for 1 week, and had to take ONLY one project with you, what would it be?
Something lacey to last and that would travel easily.

6) If you won a shopping spree to your favorite Yarn shop, what would you get??
Posh wooden needles, straights and circulars and some yarn to try them out on ;-)

7). Summer is hot. What do you knit in the summer?
Anything that does not squeak (hence no moles !!)

8) What are some activities that have become family traditions for your family?
Hard one - aunt has eggs & chips and champagne on New Year's Eve. Cant think of anything else....

9). What is the weather right now? Muggy, hot...


Blogger Rosie said...

Can I come to your aunt's for New year? That's my kind of food and drink!

9:53 pm  
Blogger Rain said...

Oooh, know what you mean about the squeaky yarn, something I was working on last week was driving me crazy.

11:26 pm  

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