Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wye more weeds

I remembered to take the photo yesterday but yet again I forgot to post it .. must do better..
Here we have a fisherperson and two swans.
Taken from Ross towards Wilton Castle (which is open this Sunday 22nd June) Not sure if I will make it, depends on how the surprise knitting goes for next week.
(I'm hoping for a new backdrop to the stand..)

And this is for a friend I was talking to today - I have the implements ready, say the word and I'll be there...
Don't mess with knitters ;-)
And it does look like the broad beans from my veg box look a bit blotchy...

And remember those long weeds.

This is how long it was - nine foot from root to tip.

I think it was a form of hog weed as suggested. It is now no more - I really didn't think I should let it seed everywhere ;-)

The cow parsley growing next to it and it was only 40 inches long.

The main plant has a lovely colour of stem..

And now for the knitting - it is a cousin for Daffy and a magenta colour - I've not taken any photos yet, and it is probably not going to be as big as the pattern says, time is against me... I'm hoping that I will get her off the needles over the weekend..

For those who love patterns have a look here lots of patterns that we cant get easily over here (and I shouldn't have looked just now, they have uploaded more ... I better go and check them out...)

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