Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wye not go down to the river .....

The usual view from the bridge was different this week - the first week of the school holidays and there was paddling ;-)

It just goes to show how much the level has dropped since the heavy rain of a few weeks ago.

On Monday I met some friends in Hay on Wye that were walking Offa's Dyke.

This is the bottom of one of the bridges over the river. The levels looked really low, we tried to work out where the flood level was but it wasn't obvious...

And an arty shot of shadows ;-)

There was a man standing in the river, we watched for a little while but decided to move on before one of us sneezed and made him wet his trousers....

I'm off to Leighton Buzzard Canal Festival on Saturday, I'm hoping that they are better at moving their barges than they were in Worcester a few weeks ago ;-)

And then it is a cake making day on Sunday for the Air Ambulance sale in Ross on Monday morning. Boy is due to have his stitches out on Monday as well. He is being a good boy, and not being a too demanding patient....

I seem to have been doing too much clicking recently, on their way to me are two sheep fleeces - I wonder what the postman will make of them ;-)



Blogger Artis-Anne said...

Lovely pictures and who would have thought we had rain !! It's been too hot even up here . Thanks for the curls, some made it to the dye pot , see Amber's blog;) See you soon I hope;that offer still holds.
Sounds like you are having a full weekend; would love to see photos of the barges and the cakes too :)

7:10 am  
Blogger Mandella said...

I was never allowed to paddle in the river as a child. I always think I missed out as a result.

9:30 am  

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