Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy interuptions

I was in the shower when the bell rang - I rushed downstairs and was dripping wrapped in a towel to greet the postman - I grabbed the package out of his hands, ripped it open to find.... Wormhead's book.

I thought it would be brill and she has not disappointed, Anne's photos are great and the models really do the hats justice (for those that were at the campsite at Woolfest I didn't, did I ?) But having said that I am going to try again, there must be one in there that I can wear without frightening young children !!

So tomorrow I'm going to be mainly knitting hats and frivolous monkey socks.... I would show you a picture of the yarn (which is from Chewy Spaghetti) but my camera (or the operator, more likely) seems to have taken blurred photos of all my sock stash ... I have collated all of it and found that I have enough to make one pair of socks a week for one year...
I did have a look at the lace stash last night and that doesn't seem too bad - having said that I dont know what I've got on cones (or I do but I'm just in denial...)

The wip challenge is nearly complete, I frightened myself with how much I managed to finish (ok I've got a couple of things to sew up but they will be done by midnight..) I was so keen to start/finish that I didn't take any before photos, so you will have to trust me on progress.... And now I'm going to read Woolly's book again and plan for tomorrow (and take lots of photos of yarn, again, sigh.... and maybe do some frogging, yippee... and sewing up, yuk... )

Have a good New Year, may it be filled with health, much happiness and lots of finished projects..

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Blogger Woolly Wormhead said...


Yours is the first copy spotted on blogs... and it's kinda funny to see it 'public'!

Happy New Year, m'dear, here's to a rosier 2008. xx

6:08 pm  
Blogger BabyLongLegs said...

Happy New Year!!!
A fully knitted and modelled Wormhead is demanded.....
....either that or you have to model your pants ;)
***laughs wickedly***

Big hugs

Sarah xXx

1:27 am  

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