Saturday, August 27, 2011

Moving On

After months of inactivity we decided that we needed to move on and do some of the things we want to do once we move.

So to ebay we went and this arrived within 24 hours.

It took a few days to paint inside & out, especially once we realised that it needed two coats each side - good job we have a large area of 'grass' in the front garden to work on...

We found a wonderful place in Malvern, and went to choose some girls

This is Daisy, she is a Bluebell, and eats more than I ever thought possible for one hen.
She also likes spilling a large quantity of food on the floor of the run.
We can forgive her for all of this as she has started to lay an egg every other day ...

Here is Dolly, a Columbine, with the tufts on her head.
And Delilah a Black Tail, she is our main layer, giving us an egg within an hour and a half of being in her new house.

They found the base of a very dead pampas grass makes an ideal dust bath.

And this is what happens when a handful of corn is thrown on the ground - heads down girls....

And the black coloured hen is Doris, she is a rumpless Copper Black and the youngest of the girls but probably the most loud.

It is amazing how well they have settled in, since last Friday we have had 8 eggs, one a day and they are getting slightly larger each day. There is a while to go before they lay 'full size' eggs...

Neil is improving, he is getting used to being able to do things, like walk the dog round the block, and drive again. It is going to be a long recovery, but he is getting there.
His house is still not sold, new agents are getting more interest but the right person has not walked through the door yet.

I'm still suffering from lack of sleep and the anxiety has past from Neil being ill to the cat being ill. He has an over active thyroid, and has just started taking tablets to see if those help. Unfortunately this is what his brother had, and we lost his over two years ago....

Hey ho, I'm still knitting and spinning. I really must get round to taking photos of finished things. I also must start blogging more regularly - before then I think I will go and see if the girls are ok..

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