Tuesday, March 24, 2009


As the photos are in reverse order (and I cant be bothered to move them all around..)
This is what I came home with:

From Winghams - I really wasn't going to get another batt... but this one called to me - it is red & brown, then there are mini carders, and a bag of silk loveliness.

My best bargains - from KCG, these were £1 each..
The large dk natural weighs 2.6kg,
the green light aran 1.1 kg,
the natural skinny lace (front right) 1.4kg,
the bright green lace also 1.1kg, and
the grey like fiddlesticks at the front 450g.

The large cones are pure wool and I think there is some silk in the natural lace...

And I'm going to try my best to use them and not give them away next year !!

And from Coldspring - two lots of pure undyed dk at less than 1p per gram, and some freedom spirit.

The camping shop had a small handbag for walking and a water bottle with a holder that goes round the waist.

From the Skep two hanks of very skinny silk - 100g for £5.

And these were the results of swaps and things that I was given...

The bag has three different coloured batts, there is lama there and some balls from the Spinning Fishwife.
And a Fat Feet in my colours :-)

And now where we stayed before Haworth - Mankinholes.

This is the view when we came back from our walk...

And some sheep - and the Stoodley Pike monument, which is where we walked to (and back down...)

We used a path up the steep front bit !!

A close up of the sheep - they were put there in 2000 and looked rather splendid :-)

Another shot of the way we went showing just how high up it was...

And someone managed to climb up it - I had height issues so stayed on the ground....

There were real sheep at the top :-)

And a close up ish view... just to prove that we got there !!!

And these were very young - probably not even a day old - they were very wobbly on their legs...

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh Dear

Just read the instructions of how to get to youth hostel for tomorrow night:

How do you get to this Youth Hostel:Follow road to Lumbutts... and then you reach Mankinholes !!

Think it is going to be interesting :-) butts and man in holes...

At least we shouldn't forget the way !!

Yarny Adventures

I'm still here... just...

So far this week I've fitted a new lock to nextdoor's side door, rescued a duck egg from falling into the pond (wild ducks visit every day, she cant be that bright otherwise she wouldn't have laid an egg within inches of the water...), I've written up workshop notes for modular knitting and even knitted a sample....

I have two huge bags of give aways for Skipnorth, a large smaller bag of 4 ply for workshops, knitting nearly ready to go. I've not even thought about what clothes to take - but they are all ironed, I just have to decide....

Tutley Mutley is staying tonight and we are going to Yorkshire tomorrow, (hopefully in the morning if we get some sleep !). The adventure that is Skipnorth starts proper on Friday, so exciting :-)

And now I better find Terri a bed - I do know where it is honest, it's just a bit buried at the moment...

I'm sure there was more to say, but my head is a bit airy... too much to remember to take with me... I suppose I better clear out the car as well so everything will fit - I think Morris might have to stay at home this year, but Bozi the spindle will be going on an adventure ;-)

We will be back on Sunday night, hopefully without the flu this year !!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Knitting :-)

I did say that I have been knitting and would take photos...
So here they are - the back of Staghorn

Some socks in Mini Moch available from Woolly Workshop (when she gets some more in stock !!)
Very soft yarn, and the colour changes just happened without warning (apart from the knot in the yellow foot...)
I really should have got some more when I had the chance but...

The first fitted tank that I made - looks like nothing when it is flat....
Done with two strands of Colinette original pure wool 4 ply.

But when you put it on... and try and take photos in the messy stash room this is what it looks like...
Yes it is a different one, this one cast on on Thursday or it could even have been Friday and finished on Sunday night..
And the colour goes well with my new thin look jeans :-)

And for those who are curious (and I know you are, coz those that can have been phoning me up !!).
The bloke I met on Monday actually talks more than I do - I know hard to believe, but very true !! Not sure where it will lead yet, but who knows.....
And tomorrow I really should sort out what is going to Skipnorth for swaps, and then I might even end up with floors... and a very confused cat :-)


Monday, March 09, 2009

For Rosie

There has been lots of activity in the pond for the last few weeks... over the weekend it has got more intense ;-)

I didn't notice at the time but they were all looking at the camera and wanted to say hello to Mrs Frog

I dont know how many of them are in this group but from the noise and the splashes they are having fun...
I'm off to have some fun of my own today (but will be keeping out of the water and fully clothed!!) - will he be a frog or not... time will tell....


Monday, March 02, 2009

Life changing decisions

Were to start... things have not been what they should have for a very long time. I've been getting very stressed out and annoyed/upset.

I've resigned from the Knitting and Crochet Guild Board - I'm not going to go into details, all I will say is that that they lost two other directors for the same reasons....

This doesn't mean that I will be disappearing, I'll still be popping up at shows, maybe on the teaching to knit stands, maybe with stallholders trying to tempt people to part with their money ! And hopefully I will have more time for me and knitting :-)

I've also start to dabble in the land of Internet dating. There are some very strange people out there - I seem to be a perfect match with a number of motorbikes, people that try and sell themselves by saying their divorce is nearly through, not their fault she found someone else ... and one of my 'best' descriptions:

I'm alone, I love shooting, fishing, taking the dogs for walks, and steam rallies..

Sounds just like my type of guy (not !!)

Having said that there are some lovely men, just need to find one that can put up with a mad knitter ;-)

And another decision I've made is to go back to my OU degree. I dropped out a while back when things got too stressful with the guild - come May I hope to be back into it and eventually I might have another degree in the subject I wanted to do in the first place !!

And I haven't forgotten how to knit - my socks in Mini Moch will be finished today and who knows I might get round to taking the promised photos...

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