Saturday, April 11, 2009

Productive Times

At last some knitting :-)

I started these last night, red spider mite socks...

And some spinning... I went to a spinning group last Tuesday morning, plied this in the afternoon.... someone wanted to buy it in the evening at knitting group...

Fibre is from Artist Pallette

And I finished the yellow lace for Anne... well we need another skein to do the lace round the neck...

And I have been helping nextdoor decorate the church for Easter. As you can see we do get a bit carried away.
I would have preferred if she had emptied the vase of water before I had to drive to church with it sitting on her knee - she did stay dry but it was a close thing !!

And a close up of the chickens...

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

My favourite animals (not)

Herefordshire is known for bulls, strawberries and now horses.

I didn't realise when I moved here that there was a big racing stable nearby - in my defence the gallops are hidden behind tall hedges... I should have realised something was going on when I kept on meeting very tall horses being taken for rides three abreast in the lanes....

And now one of those horses that I keep meeting has won the Grand National... do you think the jockeys will start to wear florescent jackets when they are out exercising ?

You might tell from this that I'm not a great horse lover - I think the French have the best idea...

I have been knitting since I returned from Skipnorth - it is yellow, it is fine, it is for Anne, it will be finished soon... Tomorrow if it is nice I might be dyeing up some of the yarn I bought - dont think I will be able to get out - too many people coming to see a horse and blocking the lane (and I wont even begin to share my rant about that !!)

Question of the week 'how do you feel about chickens?' And you can probably guess that my answer was not what they were expecting !!!