Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Knitting and Crochet

Just to prove that I have been busy over the summer here is a collection of things...
And strangely I have uploaded details on Rav of most of them before typing this....

This is Catkin, an interesting knit, with slip stitches to make the border.

It still needs its ends dealing with and buttons sewing on...

This is Babette.

I started this just before going north for Woolfest, and finished most of them while we were away for the week.

It is sewn together with black yarn. The squares were done with some of my 4 ply stash (which now fits into two crates).

And this is Ifigenia

Made with sparkly yarn and silver beads.

An interesting construction with short rows, I managed to get seven repeats of the pattern.

And finally some fish.

I've wanted to do the pattern for a while, and not sure how long it will take to make the blanket... the other colour is going to be a green.
I've tried to see how to sew them together but my head cant work it out at the moment, maybe once I have a shoal I should be able to work it out.

Thanks for all your comments from my last post.

The confusion over timescales was because the doctor said my friend had weeks rather than months to live. One part of the family are convinced that she will go on Monday (two weeks from when they were told), the others (and me) think that she will last a lot longer.
When I visited yesterday friend was a lot more chatty, her pain killers have been increased slightly and I think they have got the dose right for the moment.

Hot flushes - I have spoken several doctors about them, one said I was too young. The other was a locum, who said I was probably right that they were happening but decided that it was best to wait until some of my other ills have been sorted out. So I'm going herbal and see if that helps.

At least the weather has broken, it is more like October now. Pity the wind is blowing so much, we did have a plan to go to the forest and take some photos of the autumn colours in the next week, we might end up with photos of piles of leaves on the ground !!

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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Not the best week

Things are dissolving here, as well as dealing with our own ills (still waiting on an appointment in Bristol for Neil) we have 'outside' issues.

We were told that a very dear friend had a couple of weeks to live. I went into hospital last week and said my goodbyes, all very tearful.
It now transpires that she does have terminal cancer in lots of places, but the medical staff have never given a time scale, and someone very close to her has been telling everyone (including her close family) that my friend doesn't have long to live.
As you can imagine this has put my anxious head into more of a spin, I dont know what to think any more. Hopefully we will know more tomorrow after the doctors have been spoken to....
The truth could be that she is looking at more like three to six months, and as long as the pain management is sorted out that would be a lot easier to cope with.

I also seem to be in the early stages of hot flushes, and with this hot weather is not good.

Hey ho, at least I have refound my crafting mojo, now I just need to find the battery charger for my cameras for some photos. If you can imagine the state of a messy house, and double it that is probably the state of the house, and the charger hasn't been seen in a while... I could be gone a while....

I'm sorry about another bad news post, I really wish I could post some better news, I dont think I like this year much, and wish that next year will be better and hurry up !!