Monday, December 19, 2011

And now for some good news

Thank you for all the messages after my last post.
We were going to wait a while before we got some kittens, but independently we were both looking to see what was about...

So we went to look at the Cats Protection on Thursday, on Friday we had a home visit to check that we were suitable.
(there are now 5 bin bags outside)
And on Saturday morning we went to collect our new additions.

This is Lola (she was originally called Plum)

And this is her brother Logan.

As you can see they are enjoying themselves, showing not much fear.

They have investigated behind the dishwasher and also the washing machine...

This morning Lola was playing with her pink toy going round and round and round at speed.

At the same time Logan was climbing over me trying to get his teeth on the strap of my camera.

No growls at the dog today but we have had hisses previously.

Think little cat is going to be head of the house, and he is not three months old yet...

Phoebe if you are reading this please get in touch, my email address is wyesue at gmail dot com I've got lots of info that you might find interesting, including how my grandfather made your great grand mother eat a mangled marzipan rabbit.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Craptastic Year Continues

I have not liked this year.

It started with visiting lots of hospitals with Neil, I got lots of knitting done while he had MRI
scans. I learnt of lots of ways he could die, I stressed, ate a lot and, if truth be told cant really remember much of what happened for the first half of the year.

He is now recovered, his energy levels are getting better and the 'sleeping sickness' is reducing.

One good thing that happened is that we got chickens, they are lovely ladies, we get at least one egg a day, sometimes all three laid, sometimes Dolly gives us a double yolker.

Then Mollie, my dear ex neighbour became ill. She was great, we used to giggle a lot. Even though she was forty years older than me she phoned me up to check that I was ok if she didn't see me for a few days. When she looked after the cats when I was away I always came home to a clean kitchen floor. I will miss her a lot, especially when we do something silly.

My boy has been ill for a while, he had thyroid problems (which is what his brother had).

This morning I made one of the worst phone calls I've ever had to. The vet was great.

He is now at peace.

It is going to be strange not having a him around. He had a good long life, 15 years of catty fun.


Thursday, December 01, 2011

Lichen Waistcoat

Hubby likes waistcoats, hubby likes Rav, Hubby found the pattern.

I found the yarn.

I really enjoyed knitting this.

This is some of the back

The colours repeat but the OXO change

I made it longer than the pattern said, so his back will be covered.

And it should go with his 'new' suit.

The sweater blocker used to belong to the lady that started our spinning group. No one knew what the bits of wood were (they thought it was a loom!) I got it for nothing. I am a very lucky girl.

And now I'm wondering that other interesting knits he is going to find for me to do....

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