Monday, June 23, 2008

Some thought it would never happen...

I have this throw, I cant remember how old it is, I did have it the first time I went to Harogate - which must be three or four years ago....

For those that looked they liked, but I didn't like them looking at the back

Well now they can without me feeling embarrassed... for yes Terri I have sewn all the ends in - you no longer need to ask people admiring it to sew some in for me (and she did at Bovey, one lovely lady spent a while dealing with my ends..)

(and this really is the back...)

And just how many ends were there ???

Quite a lot and I know they are blurred, but you get the idea...

So I have one item all ready to travel north - I'm hoping by the end of the night I will have all the stand packed away ready to go into the car...

Another busy day out and about tomorrow and then the journey north on Wednesday - I'm not really looking forward to the drive, I think it will take about 7 hours including stops... And I'm kidnapping friends on Thursday and taking them on a steam train... and then the 'fun' starts. Do come and say hello if you are visiting Woolfest - if we are busy and talking interrupt and say Hi :-)

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Meet Rosie

I have been knitting like a madder than usual woman recently.

I thought Daffy was for the Welsh and as Woolfest is nearer Lancashire we should have a Rose for the stand.

I cast on on 11 June... 11 days later I cast off ...

It is getting a bit of a habit but I wanted to change her colour when I'd finished...

Lancashire Roses are red not pink, so into the oven she went... And before I get told Yorkshire also has a rose, I am aware but it is the wrong colour ;-)

And when she came out and I'd crawled around on the floor she looked like this !!

And a comparison of the colours - and it shows how little yarn I used for her. The cone is hardly touched...

She is smaller than she should be I stopped at round 103 instead of the 152 she should have been.

She is 28 inches in diameter.

And a close up of one of her petals

Very pretty even if I do say myself :-)


If you have any oddments of yarn that you dont want we will gladly take them off your hands and put them to good use teaching finger knitting, knitting, crochet and anything else that we can think of ;-)

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wye more weeds

I remembered to take the photo yesterday but yet again I forgot to post it .. must do better..
Here we have a fisherperson and two swans.
Taken from Ross towards Wilton Castle (which is open this Sunday 22nd June) Not sure if I will make it, depends on how the surprise knitting goes for next week.
(I'm hoping for a new backdrop to the stand..)

And this is for a friend I was talking to today - I have the implements ready, say the word and I'll be there...
Don't mess with knitters ;-)
And it does look like the broad beans from my veg box look a bit blotchy...

And remember those long weeds.

This is how long it was - nine foot from root to tip.

I think it was a form of hog weed as suggested. It is now no more - I really didn't think I should let it seed everywhere ;-)

The cow parsley growing next to it and it was only 40 inches long.

The main plant has a lovely colour of stem..

And now for the knitting - it is a cousin for Daffy and a magenta colour - I've not taken any photos yet, and it is probably not going to be as big as the pattern says, time is against me... I'm hoping that I will get her off the needles over the weekend..

For those who love patterns have a look here lots of patterns that we cant get easily over here (and I shouldn't have looked just now, they have uploaded more ... I better go and check them out...)

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday Weeds

I forgot to take my camera out earlier, and I'm not going to sneeze my way down to the river now...

But I thought I would share a plant growing by my front door.. for some idea of scale the top of the porch must be about 8 foot from the foot of the plant...

And an arty shot looking upwards.

I was going to pull it up but then I thought I might see how high it would grow ( I think it is cow parsley, but I've never seen it so tall...)

And I've got a guard cat, sitting one side of the door. His brother likes to sit in the middle of the door way. This is fat cat, his sickly brother is getting better - another trip to the vets this week for more blood tests. I'm hoping that his thyroid levels will be more normal, his weight is definitely improving...

The weekend was fun filled, lots of people to talk to about all sort of things - Several people wanted to buy Granny's Blanket and some of my shawls... It was a very posh show and the fashions were brilliant to look at.

There has been a little bit of knitting this week, but most of my time has been taken up washing a jacob fleece that I came home with and catching up on sleep ;-)

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Friday, June 06, 2008

In the last two weeks

I went to Manchester - this is a familiar sign to all those tv watchers in the North West.

Taken from a museum in the city centre.

I went to the BodyWorlds exhibition - it reminded me of bacon....

I stopped with friends who live near here (Hilton hotel) very strange shape...

And I went to see the Osmonds - they were brilliant as expected, I sang a lot, danced a lot and was very quiet on the Sunday morning (sore throat from shouting...)

Manchester on a Saturday night with drunks that had been to a boxing match was not fun for a country living girl ;-)

And I did take some photos of the river on the Wednesday after meeting a very soggy Rae for lunch... and she was wet after push biking from Welsh Bicknor to Hereford...

That is the A49 the only ring road to go through a city...

And there was a gun on the opposite bank - as it was still raining there was no way I was going to walk round to see why...

And you can see how much rain there was by the lovely brown colour of the water....

What a contrast with today - the sun was out :-)

I walked the streets while my car was being serviced - he only needs some new tyres in a little while... probably next week after I come back from Devon...

And another view of the A49 - there is a zippy van going south...

And there is a Herefordshire Bull Society...

And apart from knitting that I cant show you (but will be in a book and my own designs..)

I have mainly been knitting this (sorry Lixie)
I cast this on while I was in Manchester - so in two weeks I've nearly finished the body of my Mermaid. It has been really good stress reducing knitting for the beer situation is getting worse - this page has some better quotes (not for those that are easily offended)

And now I really need to go and pack and sort myself out, it's going to be a long weekend methinks ;-)

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

If the Hat Fits ...

Then come to a Knitting and Crochet Guild stand at a show soon !!

For something a bit different all these Woolly Wormhead Hats are available for trying on to help raise funds for the Guild.

Some are from her book Going Straight...

And others are a bit more individual ;-)

They will be at the Contemporary Craft Fair at Bovey Tracey in Devon on Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week.

I will be with them on Saturday & Sunday

And if you want a good giggle I'll try this one on for you !!

Come and find the KCG stand (there will be a large yellow daffodil )

Their main outing will be at Woolfest :-)

Hopefully the lovely Ruth will be there as well with her boys (if I write it here it might make it happen...)

I'm really sorry about how badly I put this one on it's head to take the photo - So how do you display 9 hats easily, well you get some flower pots and cover them with recycled blanket..

And we have some very silly hats...

And a typical Ruthie creation (this one looks very silly on me - if you have seen me wearing a hat that wont surprise you !!)

And finally a beret made of Wormhead handspun...

And I have been doing lots of things in the last two weeks - the next post will be edited highlights (but you will have to wait until I have walked the streets of Hereford waiting for my car to be MOT's tomorrow...)

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