Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Good, Bad & very ugly

This is something we have been waiting to see in a very long time !

Yes, a cash offer has been accepted.

No time scales yet.

I have a scary job of getting my house ready to sell....

I was asked to knit a Starsky and Hutch jacket for one of Neil's neighbours.

I didn't realise how much knitting was involved, or that he wanted it in horrid yarn (25% wool).

I think it is bad, there are far nicer patterns around that would have suited her a lot better...

And just to show my thoughts about it...

At least I got paid money, and got myself a present - similar to this but in their sale and in purple....

now I think I should go and start on the great clear out upstairs, and cast on something for me that is in wool !

These photos also make me realise just how much weight I need to loose......

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not a Bread Bin

Today I went in to some charity shops in Ross on Wye.

I was looking for a bread bin.

This is not a bread bin, but is what I came home with....

Looking up the serial number is was made in 1916 in Clydebank.

I played with the handle in the shop and it went round very smoothly.

Not played with it properly yet.

Maybe a job for tomorrow, or the weekend.

I loved the way the handle folds so that the cover goes on.

It might be a slow learning curve as I have to work out what all these do...

And how to attach them, need to search for some sort of instruction booklet on line, or just do some working out comparing old with new...


Monday, January 09, 2012

Thank you Gill

A few days ago the lovely Gill posted details of her son's birthday cake.

I have made this a few times recently and ended up with a sticky mass. Thanks to Gill my proportions were correct and it set...

We is very happy here ....

And someone else has been eating a lot since they moved here...

Little Lola can just fit into this bit of their climbing thing... If she lies on top her brother they can both fit on the top bed as well....

I am doing something thing that I have never done before - watching Star Wars !
I do hope that questions are not going to be asked as I'm not playing total attention....

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Saturday, January 07, 2012

What is this ?

We have been clearing out Neil's kitchen cupboards.

We found this piece of cookware.

A thick pot with a terracotta insert.

There were a pack of skewers in the bubblewrap

Has anyone any idea what it might be, we have tried searching and cant find anything similar - but I do want a terracotta pig grill....

No packaging, no recipe book....

But we do now have lots of juicers, and all sorts of chopping things.


Thursday, January 05, 2012

Windy night

There was this lovely old apple tree in the garden opposite.

The mistletoe loved it, we loved looking out on it.

The mistletoe killed it before Christmas.

The wind took it last night...

And this morning while all was blowing outside, Logan decided that he didn't want to sleep alone...

Poor Trig, now he cant even sleep in peace.

Good job Lola was sleeping elsewhere otherwise there would have been a fight....

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Wednesday, January 04, 2012


The kittens have settled in well.

Trigger has made a new friend, Logan does like to run under his belly, and there is lots of licking going on.

Trig tries to spend quality time in his bed asleep, and doesn't even wake up when a kitten falls on his head..

Lola has developed into a relaxed cat.

Unfortunately not long after this was taken her brother decided that he wanted to be on the top of the tower as well...

There is just about enough space for them both on the 'bed' but they are growing very fast.

They had their second injections today, and found their voices yesterday.

And the chickens are also doing well - there is no thing they enjoy more than a cob of corn in a brick.

Within five minutes there is just the husk left.

I have been doing some knitting recently. I was going to be good and update rav with details but I've got my yahoo id's locked, so animal photos will be it for a while.....

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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year All.

It is very difficult to take pictures of kittens that are not blurred !

Lola and Logan are both gaining confidence and getting more adventurous each day. Lola has learnt that looking out of the window is fun, Logan has decided that sitting under a set of drawers is the best place to be. They have also worked out that knitting needles move, yarn is tasty .....

Trigger spends a lot of time in his bed keeping out of the way, but is also enjoying the younger company.

New Year usually brings resolutions, I dont do resolutions too well but I am going to try and minimize my wips this year. If all goes well I should be down to less than five by the end of the day. One of those is my wedding ring shawl, that I'm determined to finish this year (I have said that before...)

Thanks to everyone who has read these ramblings and left messages of support during the last year, it has meant a lot to us/me.

I am hoping that this year is full of more good news than last. We did have a stupid offer on Neil's house just before the holidays, we are sending happy thoughts to the house and know that it will make a lovely home for someone.

Making life changing decisions continue here, the main one being do we want to live in Scotland or Wales ....