Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Have you seen my Knickers ?

A lot of people in Yorkshire have....

And if you have searched and found this page and you are not interested in knitting, may I suggest you click away now !!

These are pictures of the KCG stand for those who missed it...

The left hand wall

And the right hand side ...

Many thanks to Jane for the loan of display items.

And thanks to Sue for pinning it all up (sorry about your finger !)

And the view from the front...

Thank you to all that helped on the stand, those that chatted and those that bought patterns and joined the guild.

It was an enjoyable time, filled with lots of laughter, reminiscing of swimming costumes that didnt hold their shape in water ...

I cant remember when I have laughed so much that I cried so often - and I will post about my present from Mr Woollythoughts soon...

I tried to include some items of Education, Innovation and Preservation, the tag line of the Guild.

Education from Woollythoughts patterns (available from here) They also design puppets and are great company !
Also some mathematical knitting from Leighton Buzzard branch.
Then there were innovation pieces from the AGM competition, and other knitted & crocheted items.
And finally the things that made people stop and stare - knitted knickers, preserving the old patterns of the 40's and a crocheted blanket that my grandmother made, not sure how long ago but it is old...

And if you ever give me some wool for free that you dont like to colour of and doesn't sell, please take this photo as a warning of what might happen ...

Shetland Scanties - grown and spun in the Shetlands and made in Harrogate .. it was late, we hadn't been drinking that much, they were appreciated so much they were on display on the Sunday !

And they let me buy yarn from them as well !!

I was very restrained with my purchases and will post about them soon - the drive home was very time consuming yesterday - mixture of constant drizzle and fog, not good when tired... I've been trying to play catch up today but I dont think I've got too far... and I need to finish things for my secret pal, and then Christmas presents to take up to Liverpool in just over a week - think sewing machine will have to be used, it's a time and motion thing... and for those who commented on the stain glass it's the time I'm lacking not the thought of a new hobby !!

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Do you remember these ?

Firstly from an old knitting book -

For the young girl ... the seam up the middle is knitted in and there is a very strong gusset !

Yes, they are very like gym knickers that I had to wear only mine were from some very thick material...

And similar to swimming costumes that stretched in the water..

Then we have some dainty knickers.

Pattern was taken from on line - these knitted up very quickly.

There was a worrying lady on the train back from London who sat next to me and wanted to know where the pattern was from because she wanted to knit herself some - she liked pants that covered all !!

And finally some that dont cover anything ...

The pattern was adapted from one on a blog (sorry cant remember which one)

I chickened out doing the icord round the waist

But this is what the back looks like ...

Not very comfy !!

And before anyone asks, no one has worn them and I've no intention of letting anyone either ... the thought of all that chaffing ;-)

And I'm off again today, last show adventure of the season - Harrogate - think it is going to be cold up north so I better do some sensible packing... If you are going to the show do call by the Knitting and Crochet Guild stand and say hello - might even let you touch my knickers !!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Stained Glass Day

Today I did something a bit different.. A taster stained glass day.

There were five of us, all novices and this is what we made.

Mine are the tree with the blue pot and the blue star.

It was a very fun way to spend a day, not only because it was free !!

The Angel, duck and dragonfly were amazing I was not so confident and played safe with my choice of patterns.

Now have I got time to start a new hobby ?


Monday, November 12, 2007

Why I could never be part of the paparazzi

I walked the streets of London on Sunday morning - they were not paved with gold but drizzle and I took rather a lot of photos - I never realised that Bush House (home of the BBC) was so large, I kept on finding different wings...

But I did manage to find somewhere good to stand to watch the parade of veterans.

I was near Bird Cage Walk and had the opportunity to take picture of the Royals as they went past...

The Duke of Kent was in this car...

And looking at detail - that is Princess Anne's nose !! She did wave and smile at me on her way back ....

I've no idea who was in this one... probably Prince Charles - I'm most proud of this - I couldn't have got it better for missing someone if I tried !!

And the Queen - by this time I realised that my timing was not good, the lady next to me was better. And the police man who had been standing in the road since 9am was told to watch out for me as I was taking number plates - Queen's car doesn't have one by the way !!

And once the Royals were all in Whitehall the road was blocked to stop undesirables from driving in...
These two were amazing with how they moved their forklifts at speed without hitting anything..

And then the Queen went home...

Decided not to try and take any more moving car photos...

Some Scottish soldiers - dont know what regiment they were, but I felt very sorry for the ones in kilts - the wind was blowing very cold !!

And I dont think I have to tell you who these are - they got some of the loudest clapping !!

It was an amazing morning, and I'm already thinking that I might go to next year's, which considering how much I get scared in the 'big city' says how much I enjoyed it !

And the Stitch n Bitch day was good - It was busy, I talked a lot (more than usual !!) and by the end of the day I nearly had no voice left. My haul from the day was - two patterns, one magazine, one book and one ball of hemp - see how good I can be when I try !!

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Malvern Quilts

Last weekend saw the first Autumn quilt show at Malvern.

I had a very quick visit, but took lots of photos !!

This is part of a wooden wall carving...
Lots of sheep is you look hard enough (click to make bigger)

I think I've got the pattern for this one ....

I liked all the pots looking different but being the same..

Apple anyone ?

And there were sheep in quilts....

Someone said 'yuk, what's that furry thing ?'

And they were nextdoor to the Sheep Centre

Quilters are a focused bunch !!

This was one of my favourites... I've got a thing for Sunflowers and Sweet Peas (but they didn't have a quilt of them ...)

They were in 3D, folded material...

And this reminded me of spiro graph patterns of the 70's... (I've still got some of the plastic cogs..)

There were lots more quilts and I only came away with three patterns, all for Christmas presents...

I'm off to London tomorrow for the Stitch n Bitch day, if you are going please come and say hello, I'll be on the Knitting and Crochet Guild Stand. I think I've got everything together, but have this feeling I've missed something out - there will be new old knickers on display (if I ever get the side seams sewn up, and I think I will be knitting some on the train..)

Did you know that there are nearly as many stitches in the front of knickers as in the front of a jumper - no wonder they have been taking me so long !!

When I come back I've got a trip planned on Tuesday to Welshpool, and a stain glass taster day on Friday before packing the car up again and heading north to Harrogate. I'm so relieved that I'm taking the car there so don't have to work out what I can and can't carry.. I cant believe it's come round so quickly ...

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