Sunday, December 25, 2005

I hope the traffic isn't bad tomorrow, off to Liverpool to help a friend find a nursing home for his Mum, the hospital she is in have told him that there is nothing they can do to help her and want her out ! His mother in law is also very terminally ill. So I've been trying pack today, dont know how long I will be away from home, so far staying with my brother for a few days and then seeing how things go. Had a fridge of food but managed to freeze most of it - only decided to go up yesterday, so eaten several days of food today ;-)
Main problem of packing is working out what knitting to take - so I've started Misty Garden and Ruffles from Scarf Style. Misty grew during Casablanca.

And this time last year I nearly went to Casablanca. I spent Christmas and New Year on a walking holiday in Morocco.

This is where I was on Boxing Day 2004, high in the Atlas Mountains. Strange seeing thick snow in Africa, apparently they had the most snow for 20 years.
Had a good time getting away from Christmas, it was nearly the first anniversary of my Dad's death, I wanted to do something completely different and managed that !

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Happy Christmas and sewing it all up

I've been good today and finished sewing up a jumper, made in Colinette Point 5, think colour is Jay.

And this is Lizzie in Noro Kureyon 153. Didn't really like knitting it, there were bits of twig/straw in the wool. Will have to see if it gets any softer with wearing...

And finally Happy Holidays.
This is an advent calendar I made earlier in the year. Each bed is a pocket for pressents, and all the heads are hand embroidered. It was a labour of love and helped me win handicraft cups in two local ploughing matches.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


these are some of the things that made it home with me...
Sock wool from Web of Wool, Books and jumper kit from Jamieson and Smith and tops and pattern from Wensleydale.

Nearly Christmas

Just finished my last Xmas knitting - two gnomes for my next door neighbour.