Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I hate the smell of paint

Thought I would update you on the movement of the mattress !

Well both rooms are decorated, the furniture has been moved from front to back but there is still an issue of an unwanted bed (the mattress is on it's side leaning against the stash wardrobe)

The house smells of gloss paint - why does it take nearly a whole day to dry ?
There are still piles everywhere - I blame the Olympics...

I was going to try and finish my Heree be Dragones shawl for I Knit, and was going well until I must have lost concentration and errored on his neck, not too bad but I have to 'fudge' every row to make it look ok-ish... so as time was against me I decided to start something else.. I really need a new shawl to wear for I knit... so 'murder by lace round three' (Rav link) went on the needles yesterday afternoon, five hours later I'm on row 80 ( out of 198) so there is hope of getting this one done...

I've signed up for a lace swap on Rav sign ups close on 1 st Sept...

I'm off to Liverpool for the weekend, I hope the children that are also staying behave or I might be back sooner than expected !

Sorry for another post with no photos, not connected camera to new laptop to see if it will work (I know you are meant to keep driver cd's safe but...) . Printer was clever and found it's own drivers...

Thanks for the suggestion on how to move stuff over from one machine to another, I was in technical support in a past life....

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Such a Mess

This laptop is dying.
My new laptop that I got at the weekend wont connect (but I have managed to install the modem software - goodness only knows where the original disk is...but downloads work !)
I need to sit down with both of them and move things over (like you do) and I just know that it will take days...

I have decided to decorate two of my bedrooms and move all the craft stuff from the small one to the larger - this involves swapping furniture round and trying to get rid of a bed and other smaller things .. as a result the house is in even more of a mess than usual ( hard to believe I know..)

At the moment I have a bookcase on the landing with piles of books and boxes covering the floor - I need to try and finish the wall papering this morning so I can paint this evening. Tomorrow I might be able to get furniture moved to where it should be - I can see a slight problem moving a king size mattress by myself, but I do have a plan (and not terribly cunning).

So I might be gone a while, and hopefully will be in a better frame of mind when I return, ready to conquer the world or at least be able to find what I'm looking for and have floors that I can walk over without raising my knees all the time !!

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