Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Turning corners

As usual I cast on some lace - this is Lyra by Herbert Neibling.

In some lovely yarn from the Yarn Yard.

I started her on the 15th

So far there is nine days of knitting, I'm on round 130 out of 180.

And I'm now bored of her....

But I have got as far as the corners :-)

(hence the title of the post..)

I've worked out that it will take me at least 25 hours to finish her ...

It has been cold here and my lack of jumpers overtook me last night and I cast on an aran for myself. Hopefully once I'm warm my lace love will return...

The boy is a bit better, still horribly thin, but we are working on that slowly... He is just about to say hello and take over the keyboard, think I need to type fast and go and find some food...

So another corner turned :-)

And this is a bag I made today for a friend whose husband managed to felt a shawl I made for her...

I hope he gets the hint :-)

The photos are bad - the light had gone by the time I'd finished and the rain had started (again)

And the other side :-)

My machine does lots of patterns, I had fun deciding on the one to use...

And Rae, this has not dented the fabric stash, but I do have a cunning plan !!

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some weeks

You just know are going to be bad.

This is one of them (the others, so you know when to steer clear of me are the first and third of March).

It started off my taking sickly cat to the vets, booking him in for his second thyroid op on Thursday. I kept them in all week in preparation, they decided that peeing in the bath was a good idea and that they didn't want to be quiet about it (2am when you have only just got to sleep was not nice !)

Then when I went to pick him up they said he might start twitching, fitting and other worrying things. If he did then I was to phone them straight away. Friday afternoon he started shaking... so I rushed to the vets (no easy task living where I do) and within the hour he had his first dose of liquid calcium. We then had to go back yesterday when he had an injection of pain killers. They have said that they dont need to see him again unless he worries me.

I keep looking at him and trying to work out if the twitching has stopped. His heart (that they said was not regular) is looking a bit strange, so I feel another phone call/ visit coming on.

So now I've got to the stage where everyone that works in the vet's knows me and my cat, they can even tell me what colour my sock is that is in my handbag...

It is also one of the weeks that I remember people that are no longer here. Sometimes this does not bother me and I can carry on with life. This year is different for some reason they are all coming back to me, and it isn't the happy times either - lots of last times. Not good for me.

So I've done what I always do - started my seasonal complicated lace, I'm not with it enough to take photos, but it is blue and it was a present from the lovely Natalie. I'm currently on round 58 of 180- not bad for three partial days of knitting.

And now I'm going to go and destroy an old bed base and hope that my mood lifts.....


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Warm Legs (at last)

Blogger has decided after too many attempts to upload photos :-)

German Stockings by Cookie A

I forgot to check my seams :-)

And I have enough yarn over from the two balls to make some 'ordinary' sized socks

And I was being silly with my feet

Thanks to Anne for taking the photos and to the Green Cafe for the tiled floor...

Now I have to decide whether my next pair of socks are going to be long or short... but before then I have some lace to knit ...

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Not Happy

Not only was it MINUS SEVEN when I got home from knitting last night, the cafe didn't have anything apart from cake for my tea... and blogger doesn't want to show you the pictures that Anne took of my warm legs...

so if you want to see my large calves (and I dont mean the four legged animals, they are all hiding in their sheds) go to Rav and look at my Holiday Stockings...

I will try and see if blogger wants to play in the morning :-(


Monday, January 05, 2009

How cold ?

I managed to get to Welshpool for my delayed New Year non celebrations( I think that the cold germs had gone and didn't come home with me...)

We sent for a walk/slide at Lake Vyrnwy
on sunday morning..
It was 'fresh'

The little streams at the base of the dam had frozen.

But there was still running water under the ice..

I nearly fell over trying to take some of the photos

Some of my other photos were blurred because of the cold (nothing to do with the wine I had the night before...)

These were dangling at the 'shoreline' at the base of the dam

They were very pretty and looked like glass

And another very bad photo taken of a daily visitor to my garden. This was taken first thing on a day when the snow was about..

I've also seen him standing in the ice of the pond- I hope that my fish are hiding well at the bottom !

And I would like to apologise if I disappear for a while. For those that know me I don't cope well in January. I worked out that of the thirty funerals I've been to, ten have been family and of those five died or had their funerals in Jan...
And in working that out I realised that I didn't go to any funerals last year - now that doesn't happen very often !

Please don't worry about my well being while/if I'm gone - I have a plan to keep myself well and truly occupied, and it doesn't involve knitting or sewing...

And I have another challenge - how to take photos of my knee high socks, for they are finished, they fit and are very cozy, maybe if I venture out to knit in Hereford tomorrow night I might wave my legs about for all to see....

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