Saturday, February 23, 2008

look whose back...

It amazes me that over night the pond is full of action.... ripples and ribbets everywhere !

I counted 50 heads this morning, I think there might be more on the way to the party soon... A few years ago there were over 100 in there...

They make a lot of noise calling for their girlies, but they are enjoying themselves. The fish on the other hand are not too impressed !!

(Can you tell I'm knitting things that I cant blog ? )


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wednesday Wye on a Thursday

Once again I forgot to post yesterday - will try better next week

As you can see in the background the polytunnels are up, and there are even some early pickers about doing work on the plants...

(I live in a strawberry growing area)

And do you know whose field I was in ?

If it wasn't nearly dusk when I walked across to take the photos I would have taken some of the of the bramble offerings...

And next time I walk across a very muddy field I really should remember to put my wellies on and not get my trainers covered with field (and I need to remember to clean them before keep fit next week...)


Saturday, February 16, 2008

men in uniform

People that have seen me in action at shows know that I will stop anyone passing if they can knit..

Please if you do see me in action dont ask if I have a thing about men in uniform (especially if they are a very dishy medic and I am still trying to talk to them....)

Yes, I did go red, and so did he - and I didn't get to find out if he could knit....

And no, I dont have a thing about men in uniform as a general rule, but rules are made to be broken..

We had another talkative day at the show. I supported Silkwood by buying a couple of socks (or rather the makings of..)

And now I'm going to try and see how fast I can knit a sock in readiness for the sock pentathlon that starts at the begining of March, 5 pairs of socks, two months to knit each, and points awarded for how quickly you can post completed photos on line - see group on Ravelry if you are interested in joining me - all patterns are free and you get to keep your socks (bonus !!)

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday Wye

Whoops I forgot to post this last night :-(

I managed to get myself in the picture this week...

There was someone fishing in the distance, I hope he was well wrapped up, it was bitter (even worse today)

I'm off to a show in Cheltenham tomorrow and Saturday. I hope it is going to be busier than I think it might be, mainly a card making show with not many peope venturing upstairs to see the guild stands. If it is quiet it will give me a chance to do some samples for the modular knitting workshop at Skipnorth...

In answer to a comment question - the edging on the shawl was done by crocheting three stitches together, then a chain of 8 and repeating. It took over an hour to deal with the nearly 500 stitches.

My down stream sheep had moved yesterday, but I have found out who is their owner - now 'just' need to work out where he lives and be cheeky enough to ask for a fleece...


Monday, February 11, 2008

Peacock and Purchases

I finally finished my Peacock Feathers Shawl from Fiddlesticks.

Made using Cherry Tree Hill lace weight (cant remember the colour..)

Photos were taken between rugby matches on Saturday..

The colour is not right - more purple and darker in real life...

It is quite big - 84 inches across and 40 inches to the point...

I love my foam mats for blocking and I managed to clear enough space in the conservatory to block - a lot easier than crawling across the spare bed..

The charity shops in Ross were good to me last week...

This lot was the bargain price of £3, love the note on the bag - Rowan Denim - dye comes out !!

And some vintage yarn - I just had to have !!

There were several packets of similar aged yarns in two different shops...

I think this must be older than me...

Patons and Baldwin, there was 2 ply, three ply and four ply...

And two more colours that I forgot to photograph... and they cost less than £4 for the lot..

And I managed to get a 500g cone of 4ply for £1 as well...

The aran jumper arrived, it fits, it has gravy down the front...... brothers !!!

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wednesday Wye

I thought I would try a different angle of the river this week.

These lovelies were happy to pose for the camera without running away (think the hay bale had something to do with it...)

The river is up again this week, you can just see it running through the back of the photo...

I'm wondering how to get one of the fleeces, do you think the farmer would mind if I tie a note round one of his sheep's necks ?

And there might be another FO soon, another of the Christmas challenge knits is getting towards the end - only another 34 rows to go, but I'm up to 430 stitches per row - I really want to knit something else but will be good.....