Monday, September 08, 2008

Birthday Quiz

Today is my birthday :-)

I'm relaxing at home after four nights in London. It was wet, I was ill, not the best holiday I've ever had (or the worst either for that matter)

I visited I Knit's new shop for the first time and stayed all day (and some of the evening), I bought myself a set of Barbara Walker books, and a drop spindle on Saturday.
I got to meet the Harlot on Friday morning, went out for a meal with Jane Sowerby, dried my shoes with a hair drier, went down to reception in my jp's at 9pm on Satuday after the fire alarm went off in my hotel (some lovely soul was having a smoke in their room... grrr), sat on two very busy trains on the way home yesterday.

And I have a two question competition for you !!

This is Victoria Station, I was there just after 10 am yesterday morning.

A beter clock shot.

Question One:

What time was it when I got to Paddington Station ?

I didn't go the most direct route, and I did get distracted on the way. I was pulling my bag along behind me...

The only clue I will give is that I caught my train at 13.27

And Question two:

Where were these bottles left ?
It is somewhere posh (as you would expect) and I'd heard of the shops on either side of the road.

If anyone does get the name of the shop right they will have a special prize, for thosse not near London try the name of the street...

Random number selection will come into play if there are mutliple correct answers.

To enter leave a comment by Saturday 20th, answers will be published on the 21st.
I'm not sure what the prizes will be yet, probably something from the stash wardrobe ;-)

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I'm still knitting, honest

When I was up North bank holiday weekend, I took some socks with me. I managed to finish one of these in 24 hours (not that I had a lot of sitting around waiting !!)

Noro sock yarn is a lot nicer than I thought, but where is the pink ?

Next : whilst away I also finished this Danish Wrap shawl.
Made in Jitterbug, it went on for ages, and after getting it wet at Chester Zoo it grew...

It now ties round me twice !!
This is folded in half then half again...

And ties round a chair...

I think it is destined to adorn someone else who is a lot taller than me :-(

And the main thing I have been knitting recently

Murder by lace round three

It took about 30 hours of knitting

Made of two charts, work chart 1, then chart 2, and chart 1 again. I worked the second chart 1 in reverse, not sure if that was the right thing to do or not...

I will be wearing it at the I Knit day on Saturday. I'm going to be a free agent so wandering round, do come and say hello..
(Rosie and Daffy are making a final show appearance on the KCG stand, I've just found out that Rosie is on the fliers for the show !!)

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