Monday, June 22, 2009

Woolfest planning

We have a van to sleep in, but it is not very big so an awning has been purchased - it is huge (and so is my front garden luckily!!)

The dog seemed to like it as well which is good !!

The neighbours were a bit confused, but we were good entertainment for them on a boring Sunday afternoon :-)

I'm going to be on the Kindred Knitters stand at Woolfest.

One of the demos that I will be doing is shadow knitting.

It is not the easiest thing to photograph but hopefully you can see what is hiding in the scarf that is going to be in the sheep auction (a bit of a hint there!)

And this is a shot of them hiding..

My job for today is to finish the scarf - another three sheep required and then do a sample for the demo.

I'm starting my Woolly adventure tomorrow afternoon (once I've made lots of cake)

I've checked the space in the van and there is lots, and I get to sit in the back with my feet up and knit all the way north - not been able to do that for many a year !!

And if anyone wants to make a sheep while I'm gone here are the instructions:

Shadow Knitted Sheep.

Shadow knitting is an illusion effect where patterns appear when viewed from different angles. For each charted row four rows are worked, two in each colour.

Cast on 24 stitches in background colour, then follow chart below.
Each row on chart represents four rows as follows:

Knit all stitches in background colour.
Knit blank squares, purl X squares in background colour.
Knit all stitches in sheep colour.
Purl blank squares, knit X squares in sheep colour.

Cast off.


All the counting is done from the wrong side

Each row on the chart represents four rows to be worked.

Row ‘sets’ and stitches are numbered on the chart.

(Hopefully you can click on the chart to make it readable - if not if you Rav or email me your email address I can email the full instructions on my return)

If anyone is at the show, please come and say hello - we have been promised lots of chairs so you can rest your feet at the same time !!

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Deep in the Forest

My camera took a holiday for a few days in the Forest....

And these are a few things it saw whilst there...

There were strange moss covered trees

A very pretty butterfly - a friend of the one spotted by a moggie recently ?

And the light was bright (when it wasn't raining !!)

I also helped rip out a bathroom - well when I say a bathroom - it was more wall and ceiling removal... the bath stayed where it was but it is now on the landing (nice!)
The paper we found was interesting

And some of the paper was very old...
Did you know that you can get twenty bags of rubble in the back of a belingo car/van?
It will be great when the first house is clean, tidy and ready to sell - at the moment we dont get much time to sit knit & paint...

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Monday, June 08, 2009

Nasty Foot & Pretty Yarn

When I went to Liverpool I had got more than I expected...

This is my foot four days after I was bitten by an insect on my arrival on Friday afternoon...

It was itchy, swollen, red and not very nice at all - after a week it has now returned to 'normal'...

And I found out that I can spin with a cold compress on my foot....

This is the batt I brought at Skipnorth ...all spun up and ready to be transformed into a jumper

Once my yellow lace collar is completed it will be on the needles...

And then I decided that I needed to spin something 'interesting'

This is plied with sequins - not that many but they are bright pink....

And this is fibre that is wrapped round a core of cotton....

And my favourite.....

Yarn with bells on :-)

And now I'm off to try and design a shadow knitted sheep, with a bit of luck it will look vaguely sheepish and people will enjoy making a flock at Woolfest...

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